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These idiots are making me THIRSTY

Back when Enrico was working for a certain legendary IT consultancy, he heard a story from a colleague about the time he was assigned to herd cats in the quant shop of an investment bank peopled exclusively with PhD computer / exotic math wizards.  My colleague, Chuck, gave his introductory spiel to the PhDs in which he briefly outlined what he understood to be the mission, obstacles and resources of the group, and the course of action he proposed to herd them towards.

After he finished, there was a crashing silence.  Then, after a few minutes, one of the PhDs raised his hand.  Chuck gaily called upon him.  The PhD said “I’m trying to decide if you’re a liar or just an idiot.”

Enrico often these days finds himself in the same dilemma.  I think there’s a typo in my heading for this post:  these idots are making me ANGRY.

Tax cheat Tim Geithner is the idiot currently making me angry, with his proposal to auction off toxic assets in a manner which is GUARANTEED to cause maximum losses for the Treasury.  Enrico shakes his head in dispair, and grimly buys more commodities.

Idiots in Congress

Tax Cheat Tim Geithner is expected to finally unveil a plan next week to auction off “toxic” assets bedeviling the balance sheets of financial institutions.

Meanwhile, Congress, particularly the notably corrupt Barney Fag and the even more notably corrupt Chuckie Rangel, have been doing their best to ensure that few will participate, and that the bids are as a low as possible.

The morons in Congress apparently don’t understand the contradiction between their efforts to restore the world’s credit system, and their efforts to use the country’s tax code to punish people working at these paralyzed institutions.

Who wants to be in a public-private partnership with a partner who is inclined to exhort the mob to strangle your family with piano wire?

There’s another shock coming, too.  Eric Holder, the Magic Negro’s Attorney General, is working 24/7 to figure out who to toss in the pokey.  Gee, I wonder how the people tax cheat Tim Geithner wants to bid on the mortgages will react when they have to start every morning perusing a list of their colleages who will be doing the perp walk that day?

Hey, RATSOCRATS!  Capital is mobile.  Slavery was abolished over a century ago.  Why can’t you idiots figure this out?

How come Congress isn’t voting to impose a 90% tax on the salaries of tax cheat Tim Geithner and Chris Dodd?  Actually, it should be imposed on everyone in Congress who didn’t read the bill that authorized the payments of the bonuses to AIG before voting on it.  I think that does actually include everyone in Congress.

A giant bowl of mixed turds

Enrico has come up with a particularly disgusting metaphorical tool for ridiculing the confiscating classes in re the furore over the AIG bonuses.

It is as though Chris Dodd, the Magic Negro, Chuckie Schumer, tax cheat Tim Geithner, and Barney Fag have gone to Chateau L’Turd, ordered themselves up giant bowls of turds of different kinds of animals for their luncheon, and then are outraged to discover, halfway through their lunch, oh, I don’t know, let’s say, cat turds in the bowl of turds.

“Waiter!!  There are CAT TURDS in my giant bowl of turds!”

Enrico finds this metaphorical device apt because, after ordering and buying the gigantic bowl of turds (that’s the AIG $80 billion bailout, you understand), after making sure that every swinging dick on Wall St, in the City of London, in Frankfurt, in Basel, in Hong Kong, and in Paris got his slice and had a chance to crap in the bowl, NOW this brain trust is outraged that the company is fulfilling its compensation agreements with these employees.  Which they’ve known about, by the way, since long before it was revealed that Tim Geithner is a tax cheat.

Really, that’s the only problem with Enrico’s metaphor, because fidelity to reality requires Chris Dodd and tax cheat Tim Geithner to be both diners at Chateau L’Turd, and also the waiters and the turd chefs.  Dodd and tax cheat Geithner DESIGNED the arrangement whereby these employees would get their bonuses.

Even the BAOJ is forced to acknowledge this.

Ed Liddy, the $1 per year CEO of AIG, is going up to Capitol Hill today to get his ritual tongue lashing over the bonuses.

O God, I wish Liddy would listen calmly to about 1 minute of Barney Fag’s tirade, and then say, “Senator, I am not going to continue to work for you unless you can speak to me respectfully.  You have thirty seconds to apologize and calm down–otherwise, I’ll resign and I will wish you good luck.”

The stance of the ratsocrats (well, to be fair,  all congresscritters from both parties) makes no sense.  Apparently, the FedGov wants AIG to be a going concern.  Thus, they must have employees.  Employees are not slaves.  They can quit.  These particular employees have contractual compensation agreements.  If they are not honored, surely it is more likely they will quit.  Which ones are more likely to quit?  Well, I’ll leave that as an excercise for the reader, but I don’t think it is going to be a good plan to purposely set out to retain only those employees who can’t get jobs elsewhere.

I LOVE Chuckie Schumer’s hilarious threat to impose a special tax to confiscate the bonuses.  The BAOJ has Rangel throwing cold water on this idea, and also points out the slight difficulty that many of the recipients of the bonuses are not even US taxpayers.

If there is a bigger idiot in Congress than Chuckie Schumer, I don’t know who he is.  Maybe it is Chuckie Grassley, who suggested that the AIG employees should kill themselves.

There’s no need for a special tax.  The FedGov owns 80% of AIG.  They should have stopped the bonuses before now, if they really wanted to go down that road.  We know that they didn’t, because, as I have pointed out, Dodd and tax cheat Geithner designed the whole deal.

As many, many people have pointed out, and as is completely, transparently, obvious, the outrage over the bonuses is a ruse to distract the press and the public from the fact that the Magic Negro’s administration is totally bungling the economy.  They are making it worse.