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Smash Putin right in the goolies

Russia is being squeezed hard by the precipitous decline in crude prices. The decadent west won’t heed W’s wisdom: “fool me once, shame on….fool me again….you won’t get fooled again!”

I hope and pray that western oil companies will never again during the reign of Putin or his lackeys invest any significant funds in Russia’s oil fields. It is crystal clear that Russia cannot get its oil to market without the help of western oil companies, and i hope and pray that Putin is about to be forced to contemplate this eternal truth.

Putin’s jackbooted thugs are stealing BP’s stake in their joint venture. I hope BP says “screw ’em.” Even the commies can’t eat crude. How about a law passed by the EU and the US forbidding western participation in Russian energy plays until and unless Russia honors its previous deals with western companies? Plus Putin has to put on a skirt and kiss the arse of a symbolically masculine western leader? Obama will do, Sarkozy is ok, Gordon Brown fails the test.

Plus, Putin has to evacuate his troops from Georgia, not the one north of Florida, the other one.