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Tent cities popping up around the country, called Obamavilles

During the great depression, millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes, and hope.  Tent cities grew all over the country filled with the homeless who had no place else to go.  As Herbert Hoover is widely blamed (rightly or wrongly) for sitting idly by while the economy went down the drain starting in 1929, these settlement, made up of canvas tents and shanties were dubbed Hoovervilles.

Well, history repeats itself.  New tent cities have now begun to spring up all over the country, filling with those who have lost their homes, just like 80 years ago.  Cities like Seattle, Reno, Sacramento, and even Athens, Georgia have growing settlements.  Many are dubbing these tent cities for the President being blamed for this crisis – Obamavilles.  And they are growing every day.

Homeless shelters in these cities have filled to capacity and have expanded to these tent cities.  As the economy continues to contract and unemployment grows, thousands more will likely move in.

And as Rome burns, politicians in Washington continue to fiddle and play politics.  On both sides.  Republicans have finally come to their senses, and are opposing the reckless spending proposed by the President, and Ratsocrats have opened themselves to severe criticism with spending the Repubs have targeted.  And even as the GOP has screamed about “pork” in the various bills, the Ratsocrats have grunted up to the trough like so many sweaty hogs.  Lindsay Graham defended his own earmarks on MTP on Sunday, even while slamming Obama on his budget proposal.  He even said that if his earmarks were removed, he would put them back in a new bill.  Enrico guesses that Graham reasons that if Obama and the ratsocrats are going to rape the Treasury, he might as well get sloppy seconds.

The break-up of the United States?

He isn’t crazy.   A Russian professor has been predicting since 1998 that the United States would break up in 2010.  The WSJ does a nice piece on it, and treats the scenario with the respect it deserves.

It isn’t a crazy idea, and the specifics seem to be drawn from any number of the “future history” style of SciFi novels.

Let me just state, I do not think this will happen, but I don’t have much of a quarrel with the prof’s proposed probability of this scenario unfolding, which he pegs at about 50%.

The specific mechanism he proposes, wealthy US states refusing to back the FedGov in its insane antics and seceding, is certainly plausible, especially as one contemplates the challenges facing Barack Obama and the implications of the rhetoric he has spouted during the campaign.

If Obama appoints Wesley Mouch to the cabinet, I think you’ll hear a lot of people calling for the Russian prof’s scenario to be immediately enacted.

Obama had best bear in mind the bubba factor.  Citizens in the west are heavily armed, and won’t be robbed without putting up a fight.

Year Zero

Ok, so, the United States of America has elected a guy who is arguably a black man to be president.

This is now obviously Year Zero of some new era.

Maybe it will turn out to be Year 1. For some reason, people who create calendars are biased against the concept of zero. Join me in this personal shout-out to urge use of zero! Zero is necessary to make all modern math work correctly. Avoiding year zero causes great agony for future generations of historians.

I say that Obama is arguably a black man. I am not a black man, but I observe that blackness is more to do with one’s personal point of view than with one’s skin pigment or ancestry. Didn’t Bill Clinton claim to be the first black president? Or maybe other lying scumbags in his company made this claim on his behalf, I don’t want to unncessarily impugn Fellatio Boy when there so much necessary impugning of Fellatio Boy which needs to be done.

It is my understanding that Obama’s mom was what we call a “white” woman, and that Obama’s sperm provider was what we call in this country a “black” man, a man born in Kenya of indigenous ancestry. Obama’s actual father, i.e., the male adult who actually parented Obama, was Lolo Soetero, an man born in Indonesia, of indigenous ancestry.

But, it is quite clear, Obama has made the choice to be Black. I don’t argue that he had other viable options, his skin pigmentation and facial features may well have foreclosed any other choice.

I am happy that Obama was elected. I am hopeful that the election of a man who is apparently black will prove to be a generator of major healing in race relations, and that this event will signal to all people of origin other than European that one’s genetic, national, regional origin is of no importance compared to one’s personal individual attributes of intelligence, integrity, morality, leadership, creativity, and the results one produces. Heck, I hope this signal is received by absolutely everyone. It is complete insanity that anyone’s worth could be accurately judged by his skin pigmentation, or by his ancestry, or by the predominant region from which his ancestors hark.

I know there are racists in this country, and, undoubtedly, there are racists in every country. I think it is self-evident that the election of Obama shows that racism is no longer going to be a dominant force in politics in the United States. For this, I rejoice!

Trichet finally cuts, but…

As long predicted, Trichet has cut his overnight rate. I expected this, but i didn’t expect that by the time he did it, it would be almost irrelevant. With all the other liquidity infusions in the euro-zone, this means little for now.

The UK is going to essentially nationalize its banks.

I thought Obama kicked McCain’s ass last night. I have not thought that Obama could win, but now i am not so sure. I hope he does. I think he will probably be a disaster, but kicking the GOP in the ass until they bleed is the only hope for their ultimate redemption. I hope Obama is the Carter to an ultimate Reagan.

Obama picks McCain as his running mate

No, just kidding. That would be cool, tho, huh?

Allegedly he’s down to Kaine, Bayh and Biden Jr. Folorn hopes are held out for Fellatio Girl and Sibelius.

Enrico strongly urges him NOT to choose Fellatio Girl. She is pure evil.

Sibelius would be the bold, iconoclastic choice of a loser. She has the wrong genitalia for this election cycle.

No, he needs a white male.

Biden Jr. is probably the most rational choice, from an expertise standpoint. He fancies himself a foreign policy wonk. But, does Delaware even have any electoral college votes? Enrico must research this.

I think he’ll pick Kaine. Both Kaine and Bayh offer the prospect of helping him carry their states. But I think Indiana is out of reach, even with Bayh on the ticket. I think Virginia is a close call even without Kaine, but I think Kaine on the ticket makes a noticeable difference in the odds.

Thin skin never won high office

During the 2004 campaign, I was struck by a situation in which John Kerry flew off the handle at some perceived impugning of his patriotism.  He grew red in the face, and basically issued a ban (a hilariously unenforceable ban) on anyone questioning his patriotism.  He said (what was he thinking?) that he would not permit it!  This was before the fatal, rifle-shot, totally warranted, swift boat campaign.

I am reminded of this by Barack Obama’s frantically futile edicts against criticisms of his wife’s highly criticizable remark that she has only recently ever been proud of the United States.

I suspect that these kinds of ridiculous overreactions are like a tell in poker, they’re basically saying, “poke me here again, and watch me melt down.”  They’re announcing to the world “this is my achilles heel.”

I hope Obama wins because the GOP needs to be reduced to lying the gutter, homeless, stinking of maddog 2020, peeing on itself, with all of its currently elected officials ultimately taken out and shot, so that there can be hope for the future that the party rejects corruption and fiscal irresponsibility, and is some day again worthy of the support of conservatives.  Where is Trotsky when you need him most?

Burning down the ratsocrat plantation

I continue to believe that there is no way Barack Hussein Osama is going to be elected president in 2008, although I think the election of a black would be a terrific, beautiful, highly positive symbolic event for this nation. I don’t know what kind of president he would be, but I totally sympathize with rational ratsocrats who also do not know but for whom the beautiful, tear-jerking symbolism is more than enough.

I asked a leading Houston ratsocrat support of Barack why she was supporting him for the nomination when he could not possibly win the election. She didn’t want to answer this. I could certainly have accepted the answer “because of the symbolism.” That makes sense to me. And who knows, I have been wrong before, maybe I’m wrong about this. I’d love to be wrong about this.

But even without him winning the nomination, even without him winning the election if he is nominated, I love the fact that he is discombobulating Fellatio Girl. I cannot wait CANNOT WAIT for the South Carolina primary. The evil ratsocrats (n.b. not all ratsocrats are evil per se) consciously work to keep black folks in peonage on the ratsocrat plantation. They do not want the black folks to advance and to rise–they need them to remain wards of the state, because their peonage is the source of ratsocrat political power. Why do the evil ratsocrats cling to the failing public schools like a pit bull clings to a yorkie? Because the denial of education to the black folks forces the black folks to remain wards of the state. Why did Fellatio Boy fight welfare reform in the 90s until an override of his veto was a foregone conclusion? Because paying black daddies to abandon their families (yes, that’s what the ratsocrat program did) forces the black folks to remain wards of the state.

Now, look, I accept that these horrific outcomes were not the intended results of welfare, or public education. The former was well-intentioned. The latter is studded with dedicated, selfless professionals who are doing those jobs out of love for their fellow man, but for poor blacks, the system is, on the whole, a complete disaster. Why do the ratsocrats fight giving poor parents a choice of schools for their children? There is no answer to this today which does not point to abject ratsocrat evil. In the case of welfare, even after it became completely obvious that the welfare system had become a source of profound destruction, the ratsocrats clung to it. What other word can be applied to this except evil?

In South Carolina, black ratsocrats have the opportunity to burn the plantation house to the ground. Fellatio Girl didn’t build the plantation house, but judging by Fellatio Boy’s performance, she intends to live in it, living on the backs of poor black folks whose continued slavery and misery she will exploit for political power.

So, let’s all cheer lustily as the black ratsocrats reject Fellatio Girl, and carry Osama to victory.

Go get ’em, Osama!

I don’t know if there are going to be any more ratsocrat debates after Iowa, but I think Osama ought to mention Monica Lewinsky in the next one. I think he should ponder aloud what kind of character it reflects for a woman to stand by a scumbag of such low character for such obviously venal reasons. If she is willing to live a lie for political advantage in her career, to what levels will she NOT stoop? Mrs. Clinton, are you going to engage in illicit sex in the oval office, too? I don’t remember ever hearing say you thought your husband was wrong to take advantage of a woman young enough to be his daughter. Mrs. Clinton, I don’t remember hearing you say that your husband’s pardon of the felon Marc Rich was wrong. Are you selling your support to felons also? Just how much did your husband collect from the fugitive felon? Is the cash in your freezer in Westchester? What did you do in return for getting that amazing commodity trade? How did you become such an expert on feeder cattle futures? Who did you get to kill Vince Foster, and why did you have to have him whacked? When you canoodle with your aide, are you the pitcher or the receiver? Do you prefer the term “carpet muncher” or “muff diver”?

I think Fellatio Girl’s head might explode. There is no possible answer she can give that will not make her completely transparent. The sputtering and speechless fuming will be a good opportunity for Osama to look stern and disgusted.

Ok, so maybe hardball doesn’t play well in the hawkeye state, but punching her in the gut and kicking her in the cooter will go over big in South Carolina and in Florida.