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We have to get off imported oil

It is at the point now where our dependence on imported oil is a national security issue. I am the last one to seek to expand the role of the federal government in the economy, but the nation’s security is one of the few legitimate jobs of the federal government. The fedgov is blowing it BIG TIME, and the failure is totally bipartisan.

About a third of our nation’s consumption of oil is for transportation, for gasoline and for diesel. We import more than half of our daily diet of oil. The burning of oil products for transportation is far and away the stupidest use of oil, and the use most easily replaced.

Ok, that’s pretty simple, and even Fellatio Girl ought to be able to draw the appropriate conclusions: We need to find some other way to power our transport, and we need to produce more oil domestically.

On the first point, the technology exists TODAY to completely eliminate the use of oil products for ground transport, by substituting electric power. Yes, yes, I know, there are a lot of rollout issues and infrastructure issues, but there is really no technology barrier. The fedgov should make its its business to make this happen ASAP. Fer cryin’ out loud, the fedgov built the highway system for a much more remote, and less urgent national security reason. This problem, by comparison, is totally a no brainer. There is no reason for this project to take more than ten years. It barely needs stating that a critical element in this plan has to be a dramatic nuclear power plant building project. The burning of natural gas and coal for electric power is totally insane, and must stop. Oh, and DID YOU KNOW that there are still places in the United States where oil is burned for electric power? Really, we need to wake up, and cut out this nonsense.

My regular readers will know that I do not accept the anthropogenic global warming scenario, but there is no meaningful doubt that the human race’s massive emissions of CO2 are going to cause a host of other highly unsavory problems. And do we really want to breathe coal soot?

On the second point, the ocean floors off our coast are loaded with oil. Drilling along most of our coast is not permitted. We have to choose, folks, between two unattractive alternatives. If you think preserving our coasts is preferable to being held hostage by oil-rich ragheads and other despots, you are an idiot. If you think this is a false dilemma, ok, I respect that, but I disagree.

With a moderately energetic program, we can replace all the oil we import from the middle east with electric power within five years. Now, anyone who understands the oil markets will immediately realize that there is essentially no meaningfully beneficial way for the United States to avoid buying middle eastern oil as long we are importing some oil, but there is also no doubt that a reduction in our demand will be a very very good thing for a host of reasons.

Our current dire economic situation is significantly engendered by the highly unfavorable trade imbalance, which is in turn significantly a result of our addiction to imported oil. At the same time, at the height of irony, we are funding the war that is being waged against us by radical islamists. We’ve got to cut this out, folks!

The failure of our energy policy has been bipartisan. It is really not a partisan issue. Our survival is at stake. No matter what candidate you support for president, please, please, please, badger them, pester them, hold him or her accountable for facing up to this problem. As George Bush has demonstrated, as Franklin Roosevelt showed, as Lincoln proved, the president has awesome powers to do amazingly illegal things in the name of national security. Insist that our president get on this problem!

Is it possible the Iran NIE is just an honest opinion?

When the amazing Iran NIE was released, I speculated that it might have been the product of a secret deal between the current nuclear nations and Iran. I thought perhaps Bush had agreed to climb down from his finger shaking, and that Iran had agreed to stop its weapons program. Confirmations of this would have been found in Bush making conciliatory remarks, Putin making conciliatory remarks, and Ahmadinejad making muted comments. Further confirmation of this would have consisted of Iran agreeing to renewed international oversight of their nuclear work.

It now looks as though the release of the startling Iran NIE was NOT orchestrated by Bush for his political advantage, or for the confounding of his enemies, and it looks as though there is no deal with Iran. But it is interesting that Putin’s remarks have been somewhat muted. Nuclear armed Iran is certainly not good news for Russia. If they were keen for iran to have nukes, they would just give them to them. Even Ahmadinejad has been somewhat less triumphalist that one might have expected.

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