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Kudos to Fellatio Girl

It is a bleak day at Enrico’s house, because he is obliged by the code of the ethics of the Sacred and Ancient Guild of Bloggers to say something nice about Fellatio Girl.

She has stated, in amplifying and explaining earlier remarks (see video above) that if she is president, and Iran attacks Israel, that the United States would attack Iran. She goes on to say that we would be able to totally obliterate Iran, saying pretty clearly, based on the context, that she would probably nuke ‘em til they glow!

Who would have thought Fellatio Girl would man up and tell the psychopathic ragheads to step off?

Now, if she would just endorse the Tancredo Doctrine in full, Enrico would *shudder* have to consider voting for her in the general election. She’s SO close!

Is it possible the Iran NIE is just an honest opinion?

When the amazing Iran NIE was released, I speculated that it might have been the product of a secret deal between the current nuclear nations and Iran. I thought perhaps Bush had agreed to climb down from his finger shaking, and that Iran had agreed to stop its weapons program. Confirmations of this would have been found in Bush making conciliatory remarks, Putin making conciliatory remarks, and Ahmadinejad making muted comments. Further confirmation of this would have consisted of Iran agreeing to renewed international oversight of their nuclear work.

It now looks as though the release of the startling Iran NIE was NOT orchestrated by Bush for his political advantage, or for the confounding of his enemies, and it looks as though there is no deal with Iran. But it is interesting that Putin’s remarks have been somewhat muted. Nuclear armed Iran is certainly not good news for Russia. If they were keen for iran to have nukes, they would just give them to them. Even Ahmadinejad has been somewhat less triumphalist that one might have expected.

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