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Tornado drops house on local woman

I am watching the ratsocrat food fight on TV. Congressman Wexler just totally spanked the extremely evil and very appropriately named Harold Ickes. He challenged Ickes to explain the principle of fair reflection, accurately and devastatingly implying that Ickes has no concept of fair reflection, or indeed anything fair.

Even if Obama doesn’t win in the general, at least it looks as though the ratsocrats will be disenthralled by the appallingly evil Fellatio Boy coterie. Perhaps Congressman Wexler will host a wizard of oz party, if so, I hope he invites me!

Kudos to Fellatio Girl

It is a bleak day at Enrico’s house, because he is obliged by the code of the ethics of the Sacred and Ancient Guild of Bloggers to say something nice about Fellatio Girl.

She has stated, in amplifying and explaining earlier remarks (see video above) that if she is president, and Iran attacks Israel, that the United States would attack Iran. She goes on to say that we would be able to totally obliterate Iran, saying pretty clearly, based on the context, that she would probably nuke ‘em til they glow!

Who would have thought Fellatio Girl would man up and tell the psychopathic ragheads to step off?

Now, if she would just endorse the Tancredo Doctrine in full, Enrico would *shudder* have to consider voting for her in the general election. She’s SO close!

Clan Horny, I Lilt

The mark of a good blog is exceptional content, hard-hitting, incisive content which cannot be found anywhere else.

Today, trying to live up to this impossible dream, I bring you a unique insight into the character, the make-up, the very ESSENCE of Hillary Clinton.

Next week, I will perform a bible code analysis to try to find some further supernatural wisdom about the smartest woman in the world.

I also like very much “all cry, thin lion.”  This is obviously a prediction from Nostradamus that Obama’s campaign will end in tears.

Edwards Wins Iowa

I think Edwards is going to win Iowa. I suppose Fellatio Girl will get second place, but i dunno, that’s a tough one. Edwards never left Iowa after the 2004 cycle. His 24/7 populist message is ideally tailored to Iowa. Fellatio Girl’s pitch boils down to “Remember Bill Clinton? I was one of the women he fucked.” Hey, that’s a pretty good idea for a billboard for Fellatio Girl.

I just think Iowans are too level headed to think that Barack Hussein Osama has a chance in hell of winning the presidency in 2008.

Stupid Fellatio Girl

How stupid do you have to be to say this? This would be like a man, seeing that his dog is pooping all over his yard, deciding that he is going to ban the dog from pooping for 90 days. Does Fellatio Girl really not get how stupid an idea this is, or is she just so evil and lacking in character that she doesn’t care?

I have to vote “evil.” She will say and do anything she feels will help her get elected. She’s in kind of a bind right now because she is forced to talk out of both sides of her mouth about immigration, and she just isn’t as good at this as Fellatio Boy was. Perhaps she could spent 15 minutes in the next ratsocrat debate explaining the meaning of the word “is,” just her rhetorical skills to hone [Enrico does lame imitation of Yoda].

Ask all the candidates about their underwear

Fellatio Girl

Apparently, a reporter from the Atlantic mag asked Mitt if he wears the Garment, a sacred one-piece knee length undergarment.  He should have said with a straight face, “oh man, once you’ve gone commando, you never go back.” 

His answer was somewhat more dignified. It boiled down to “none of your fucking business.”

I do think the press should now ask all the candidates about their underwear.  In fact, I think all future press conferences held by fellatio girl should deal exclusively with underwear.