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Doing the Gingrich Walk

I have come to hold Bush in contempt, but I have to admit it, it amuses me greatly to see him spanking the congressional ratsocrats around, seeing the feuding between comrade Pelosi and Reid, and seeing congressional approval ratings go even lower than his own. The ratsocrats just don’t know what to do, now that it is obvious to everyone except perhaps the silky pony and the plagiarist that things are better in Iraq. The ratsocrats don’t know what to say about immigration, as seen in fellatio girl’s confusing effort to say “yes” and “but then again no.” The only thing the ratsocrats can do is hope for disaster in Iraq, hope for economic reversals in this country, and work 24/7 on their oppo research for the general. Heck, they’ve already dug up all the dirt on Osama all the back to kindergarten, all the GOP nominee will have to do is make a few choice hirings amongst the whore parade of ratsocratic staffers, and he’ll have all the oppo he needs for the general.

I hope they all break their teeth. I hope Bush sticks to his guns on the budget, and makes the ratsocrats either cave or do the gingrich walk out of their shuttered offices, flanked by their furloughed staffers. Bush should insist that, prior to signing the budget, Pelosi and Reid write 100 times on a blackboard “I will not say that the American military has been defeated before they’ve even begun to fight.”

Is it possible the Iran NIE is just an honest opinion?

When the amazing Iran NIE was released, I speculated that it might have been the product of a secret deal between the current nuclear nations and Iran. I thought perhaps Bush had agreed to climb down from his finger shaking, and that Iran had agreed to stop its weapons program. Confirmations of this would have been found in Bush making conciliatory remarks, Putin making conciliatory remarks, and Ahmadinejad making muted comments. Further confirmation of this would have consisted of Iran agreeing to renewed international oversight of their nuclear work.

It now looks as though the release of the startling Iran NIE was NOT orchestrated by Bush for his political advantage, or for the confounding of his enemies, and it looks as though there is no deal with Iran. But it is interesting that Putin’s remarks have been somewhat muted. Nuclear armed Iran is certainly not good news for Russia. If they were keen for iran to have nukes, they would just give them to them. Even Ahmadinejad has been somewhat less triumphalist that one might have expected.

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