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Obama picks McCain as his running mate

No, just kidding. That would be cool, tho, huh?

Allegedly he’s down to Kaine, Bayh and Biden Jr. Folorn hopes are held out for Fellatio Girl and Sibelius.

Enrico strongly urges him NOT to choose Fellatio Girl. She is pure evil.

Sibelius would be the bold, iconoclastic choice of a loser. She has the wrong genitalia for this election cycle.

No, he needs a white male.

Biden Jr. is probably the most rational choice, from an expertise standpoint. He fancies himself a foreign policy wonk. But, does Delaware even have any electoral college votes? Enrico must research this.

I think he’ll pick Kaine. Both Kaine and Bayh offer the prospect of helping him carry their states. But I think Indiana is out of reach, even with Bayh on the ticket. I think Virginia is a close call even without Kaine, but I think Kaine on the ticket makes a noticeable difference in the odds.