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Tent cities popping up around the country, called Obamavilles

During the great depression, millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes, and hope.  Tent cities grew all over the country filled with the homeless who had no place else to go.  As Herbert Hoover is widely blamed (rightly or wrongly) for sitting idly by while the economy went down the drain starting in 1929, these settlement, made up of canvas tents and shanties were dubbed Hoovervilles.

Well, history repeats itself.  New tent cities have now begun to spring up all over the country, filling with those who have lost their homes, just like 80 years ago.  Cities like Seattle, Reno, Sacramento, and even Athens, Georgia have growing settlements.  Many are dubbing these tent cities for the President being blamed for this crisis – Obamavilles.  And they are growing every day.

Homeless shelters in these cities have filled to capacity and have expanded to these tent cities.  As the economy continues to contract and unemployment grows, thousands more will likely move in.

And as Rome burns, politicians in Washington continue to fiddle and play politics.  On both sides.  Republicans have finally come to their senses, and are opposing the reckless spending proposed by the President, and Ratsocrats have opened themselves to severe criticism with spending the Repubs have targeted.  And even as the GOP has screamed about “pork” in the various bills, the Ratsocrats have grunted up to the trough like so many sweaty hogs.  Lindsay Graham defended his own earmarks on MTP on Sunday, even while slamming Obama on his budget proposal.  He even said that if his earmarks were removed, he would put them back in a new bill.  Enrico guesses that Graham reasons that if Obama and the ratsocrats are going to rape the Treasury, he might as well get sloppy seconds.

That Pig Don’t Hunt

I am rooting for Barack Hussein Osama in the general, but i am tickled nonetheless by the way he fell into this pig lipstick trap. It was an unwise remark, and it was obviously brought to his mind by Palin’s hockey mom quip, even if it was not consciously meant to denigrate Palin.

“Senator Obama! Senator Obama! Do you really think Governor Palin is a pig? Does your muslim heritage permit you to use the word ‘pig’? If she’s a pig, does your muslim heritage permit you to share a stage with her? Will there have to be some kind of ritual cleaning of the podium before you’re allowed to touch it? Do you think a pig should be allowed to run for vice president of the United States? If the Congress passed a constitutional amendment to ban pigs from the presidency, would you sign it?”

O the guffaws!

Obama is now getting mad, exactly the wrong response. He should have just laughed it off, and said something facetiously complimentary about Governor Palin’s looks, like “Who am I to question the judges at the Miss Alaska pageant?”

When you get mad and start denying things, you have totally fallen into the trap, and are actually impaled on feces-smeared punji sticks.

Now, Obama can only hope that McCain says something like “When I look at Senator Obama’s proposals for the government’s fiscal policy, I just have to think there’s something in the woodpile that doesn’t belong there.”

Standing astride four matched dolphins

Enrico and the brood are staying at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin. Today Barack Hussein Osama is in town to better accentuate his foreign policy steet cred. He’s giving a speech tonight at the Victory Column in the Tiergarten.

Osama was supposedly going to arrive at the Adlon. The security dudes put barriers across the sidewalk on both sides of the hotel’s front door, a crowd gathered, and tv crews appeared. Several german tv stations were running live feeds of the front of the Adlon.

The breathlessly eager anticipation of the crowd was like an electric charge in the air.

We went down to have lunch on the sidewalk terrace, and we got to talking about how Osama should most dramatically make his appearance. I said he should obviously screech into a jstop stop in a red ferrari convertible and bound out of the car without even opening the door, give a careless, wistful smile and dash up the steps into the Hotel Adlon.

Ursula said a crack should groan open in the pavement of Unter den Linden and Barack should climb out amongst tongues of fire and sulphurous smoke

It was proposed that a tomb should materialize, a round stone covering the entrance should be rolled away by a lackey, and Obama should appear dressed in flowing white robes.

Or a lighrning bolt should smite the pavement, and when the smoke clears, there stands Obama.

Then we moved into silly territory. A cataract of water comes pouring through the Brandenburg gate, the crest of the flood bearing Obama, standing astride the backs of four matched dolphins, their reins gathered in one mighty fist, the other hand raised in a princely acknowledgement of the adoring crowd.

Sam suggested that Barack should emerge from a large green pipe protruding from the street. Yeah, I know, I didn’t get it either: he’s talking about Obama joining the mario brothers.

In the end, we saw Obama’s motorcade, but we never saw him at the hotel. Later we went along with 200,000 berliners to the middle of the tiergarten to see him speak.

The crowd tittered at his pronounciations of names like Merkel and Wowereit. But the populace obviously had immense good will for obama. I don’t have much doubt about who this crowd would vote for in november.

Osama originally wanted to give this speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the site of Ronald Reagan’s “tear down this wall” speech in 1987. Angela Merkel’s government was uncomfortable with this, feeling that granting this would be disproportionate to what is, after all, a campaign event. I don’t fault Osama for seeking this, but Merkel was right to steer him in a different direction.

We had to leave to catch our sleeper to Paris before the speech was over. Judging from press reports, it was much what you’d expect. The only important aspects of Obama’s foreign tour are the photos of him with world leaders and in front of iconic foreign symbols, preferably surrounded by an adoring crowd. He certainly accomplished these things in Berlin.

I still intend to vote for obama, but still mainly with the hope that I can facilitate the utter crushing of the GOP, in the hope that the party will reform itself in the ashes of electoral devastation.