This blog is a place where i will attempt to amuse my friends with my absurd rantings.  I have more often than not voted for Republican candidates, but I am right now thoroughly disgusted with the GOP.  The list of reasons is too long to cite here, but allow me to clarify that the invasion of Iraq is NOT a reason for my disgust, although I am pretty revolted by the current evident lack of willingness to fight to win.  If we’re not going to fight to win, we have no business fighting. Thank god the situation has improved recently. Every sane person hopes that the Iraqis get a durable democratic government and a civil society.

Many people ask, “why are the rantings for the common man, of all things?” Maybe this olympic year in the land of the chicoms had preternaturally inspired me to propound at least one additional benevolent thing for the common man.

I was born and raised in Houston, but I have lived elsewhere about as much as I have lived here.  I have four minor children, and I love baseball.  My favorite author is Robert Heinlein, and I do hereby affirm that Elvis Costello is a genius.

Enrico agrees with Blaise Pascal that there is no harm in praying.

Update March 18, 2008:  I have added a feature which allows email subscriptions.  Look for the “subscribe2” box on the right sidebar.

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