Just say “no” to Dan Patrick

Enrico systematically voted against all Texas Republicans in November 2008, but he made an exception for Dan Patrick.  Dan Patrick talked a good game about the evils of Goobernator Goodhair and his evil henchman, the Lt Goobernator.  Patrick focused on the need for property tax reform, the need for which no sensible person can possibly dispute.

But then, Enrico read that Dan Patrick was defending the dickhead Don McLeroy, the idiot dentist who thinks that the planet Earth, yes, THAT planet Earth, was created in the relatively recent past, like, about five thousand years ago or so.  I think he and his moronic coadherents get to this stupid conclusion by adding up the ages of various patriarchs who are featured in the Torah.

Don McLeroy was, until recently, the chairman of the state Board of Education.  He was voted out of this position, and it was reported that Dan Patrick advocated that he be retained in the post.

Enrico wrote a letter to Senator Patrick, asking him if it was true, and telling the Senator that, if it was, Enrico could no longer support him.

The last person we need in a position to oversee the public education system of Texas is a person who devoutly believes in concepts which are not supported by facts, and who advocates that these baseless theories be taught to the students of Texas.  This is, I believe, a fair characterization of Don McLeroy.

Senator Patrick wrote me back that it was true, and he is unrepentant.

That’s it for me and Senator Patrick.  Well, heck, much easier to just pull the straight ticket lever anyway.

Here’s a newsflash, Senator Patrick:  there is no rule requiring conservatives to be fucking idiots.  You have other options.

Enrico has said it before, and he will say it again:  the religious right is the curse of the GOP.

4 thoughts on “Just say “no” to Dan Patrick”

  1. Damn, Enrico, you’re going to break your neck if you keep making these hard left turns.
    Next thing we’ll hear from you is love for Pelosi and Reid.
    A straight ticket Dem? Whodda thunk it.


  2. The one party straight ticket plan seems to have given the country a very dangerous one party dictatorship moving faster than the speed of sound.

    Get ready to move to Australia.


  3. Ha! Thanks for writing DP the letter asking him the question. Did he reply himself or did you get the form-letter-party-line response? Completely agree with your quotable quote regarding the Religious Right ( it’s neither) and the GOP.

  4. It was a form letter, but I was obviously not the first person to write Dan Patrick about this. It addressed some of the points I raised in my letter, but also addressed other points I did not make. The nub of his response was that the dickhead dentist is a good man, and that it is more likely than not that religious bigots are trustworthy and reliable stewards of the public trust (I paraphrase somewhat).

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