No job for an EJIT

It takes a paranoid personality to scrutinize applications for vanity plates for forbidden topics and themes, as outlined in this WSJ article.   There’s a similar vetting process for beer labels, but, there’s just one guy who does that job for the whole country.

I’d have thought, in most states, applications for a liquor license would also trigger a vetting process, but apparently the family of failed Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lumberman Grimes got this name through, stealing it from the Simpsons.  Lawsuit, Matt Groening?

Judge Arthur Schwab, my new hero

Pennsylvania Federal Judge Arthur Schwab used a deportation case to rule Barry’s recent unilateral actions suspending enforcement of immigration law to be unconstitutional.  Finally, a whiff of sanity from the federal bench!  Judge Schwab has an interesting history–he presided over the trial of the corrupt ratsocrat pathologist Cyril Wecht, in which, ironically, the ratsocrats wept bitterly about prosecutorial discretion, the well-established principle Barry is torturing till it screams to justify his illegal unilateral actions.

read about Cyril Wecht here: and about the heroic Judge Schwab here: