Inventories depleted, inflation coming

Across the USA, production has been scaled back.  Companies of every description are liquidating their inventories, and have scaled back on production of additional product.

We’re going to reach the point of total liquidation of existing inventory in the 3rd fiscal quarter.

Once that point is reached, consumer prices will inevitably increase.

The classically incompetent “cash for clunkers” program nicely illustrates this problem.  Car dealers have pretty much sold out of their inventory, but there is no more inventory in the pipeline.

Now, even such a basic commodity as sugar is being exhausted.

Folks, the US dollar is now a third-world currency.  Get ready for wild fluctuations in consumer retail prices of all kinds of basic goods.

Top Ten Annoying Phrases

Enrico prides himself that he is not easily annoyed.  Enrico believes all human beings have valued, although not infrequently the value of a particular human being may be beyond Enrico’s meager capabilities of detection.

Despite Enrico’s pledge of tolerance and commitment to being a veritable font of human kindness, certain phrases and habits of speech do somewhat grate on Enrico’s nerves.

10.  At the end of the day

Enrico thinks this phrase is over-used.  It is often used as a seemingly polite way of saying “yes, I hear your reasoned, rational objections to what I’m saying, but I am too stupid to understand your points or too cowardly to accept their implications.”

9.    Pretty unique

Redundant.  Unique is enough.  Doesn’t need a modifier, except possibly to limit the domain.

8.    run the gambit

Uh, the word you’re looking for is “gamut.”

7.    It is what it is

Excellent point!  How insightful!

Enrico has mixed feelings about this phrase.  It is often used by the recipient of a complaint, to express the futility of wishing things were otherwise.  “John, your carpenters failed to nail the studs to the header boards, and now the walls are totally out of plumb, are probably going to collapse, and have to be torn out and rebuilt.  Your error is going to cost me $20,000!”  “It is what it is.”

However, the phrase does have a useful place for mocking a person who wishes to speculate about something which can be immediately ascertained.  “Enrico, I hope it isn’t raining right now.  I left the top down on the Porsche in Panties”  “It is what it is.”

6.    Anyway

Often used liberally by those with less than optimal verbal discipline, as a way of punctuating their seemingly interminable remarks, made up of a series of incomprehensible and uninteresting digressions.

5.    I could care less

The phrase you’re looking for is “I couldn’t care less.”

4.    Sustainable

Particularly amongst ratsocrats, just another word for “good” or “virtuous.”  The word has a useful place as designating a specific entropic condition.  Enrico implores you to reserve this word for its correct meaning.

3.    Literally

Enrico has heard people say “I could literally eat a horse!”  Ouch!

2.    Irregardless

The word you’re looking for is “regardless.”

1.    You know what I mean?

Similar to #6, often used by those with verbal diarrhea to try to ascertain whether the interlocutor has surreptitiously committed suicide to escape the torrment of the unceasing flow of meaningless gabble.

Honorable Mention

On your left!

Enrico cycles.  When riding in a crowd, and overtaking a slower rider, many cyclists cry out “on your left!” as they prepare to pass.  This has a useful purpose, to alert the overtaken rider that perhaps it would be a good idea for him to hold his line so as not to collide with the overtaking cyclist, in an abrupt lurch to the left.  But, deplorably, the majority of cyclists seem to think that “on your left” is an acceptable euphemism for “get the fuck out of my way!!”  Enric has many times seen cyclists persist in calling out “on your left” in an increasingly exasperated tone, demanding that the overtaken cyclist move to the right.  These cyclists should be killed on sight.  It is the duty of the overtaking cyclist to overtake only if it can be done safely, and it is totally and exclusively the duty of an overtaking cyclist to avoid a collision.

Swedish Central Bank Prize Winner to America: You’re too stupid to think for yourself

Enrico has recently been very worried that he has sometimes agreed with Swedish Central Bank Prize Winner Paul “There ain’t no such thing as a Nobel Prize in Economics” Krugman.

Thank god for this column, in which Fraudulent Krugman shows that he is thoroughly out of touch with America.  He basically argues that opposition to Obamacare arises from cultural and racial anxiety.

No kidding, that’s what he says!

He tells an amusing anecdote about angry town hall attendees who are on Medicare denouncing government-run health care.  First of all, Krugman is a liar, so I say “video or it didn’t happen.”  Secondly, even if it is true, the anecdote proves nothing and means nothing.  Medicare is an accomplished fact.  What purpose would be served by people who are eligible for it rejecting it?  Krugman makes the astonishing leap that people don’t know that Medicare is a government-run program.

Krugman is a fucking idiot.


The ratsocrats are proposing a gigantic budget-busting bill which purports to provide universal medical insurance coverage.  The rhetoric of the Ratsocrats suggests that the USA faces a crisis in which vast swaths of the population lack medical insurance, and therefore lack medical care, and they suggest that this crisis threatens the economic competitiveness of the US economy.

What portion of the US population lacks medical insurance?

The ratsocrats are oddly silent on this question, at least, in expressing it as a percentage of the population.   The ratsocrat talking point focuses on an alleged absolute number of Americans without medical insurance coverage:  40 million is a number which one often hears tripping off the lips of Ratsocrats.

Here (page 27) is a report from the US Census Bureau which sheds light on this question.  In 2007, according to this report, 15.3% of the US population lacked medical insurance.  This does equate to about 45 million people, according to this report.

Now, the report does NOT shed much light on the reasons why 15.3% of the population lacks medical insurance.

But, Enrico will tell you why.


A wise man once told Enrico that the answer to the question “why” is ALWAYS money.

Enrico is not sure about whether this wise man was correct, but he is certain that he is correct in this case.

Did you know, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING state in the USA has an insurance pool of last resort?  If you want to buy health insurance, and you have no group coverage available, and private insurers turn you down, there is ALREADY a FEDERAL LAW requiring that EVERY SINGLE FUCKING STATE  offers a state-administered pool of last resort.

However, it is expensive.  Enrico’s wife Gladys is in the Texas pool, and it costs Enrico about $6k per year.

So, breaking down the 15.3%, 100% of these people have opted not to buy medical insurance.  That’s pretty easy, because 100% of them COULD buy it if they wanted to.

Stats are not readily available on this next assertion, but Enrico asserts that at least a third of this group, about 5% of the population, has access to a group plan through their employers, but opt not to buy it, because they would rather keep the cash.

So, Enrico asserts that we’re left with 10% of the population who may have only the resort to the ALREADY FEDERALLY REQUIRED STATE POOLS to buy medical insurance.

Now, part of the Ratsocrat madness is to make it a Federal law that every single swinging dick (and the genetically appropriate equivalent for the ladeez) must buy medical insurance.

What does one think the compliance rate might be with such a Federal law?  Enrico will make rude labial noises in perpetuity at anyone who suggests that the compliance rate will be higher than 90%.

Now, according to the report of the US Census Bureau, we’re already at 85% without such a law.  So, the Ratsocrat madness could possibly move us from 85% to 90%.


Enrico has to conclude that Obamacare is wildly disproportionately costly, intrusive, and coercive, in relation to its maximum possible benefit.

It is a cryin’ shame that Obama has apparently elected to have this massive federal intervention written up by the likes of Madame Squeaker, who is much dumber than a box of hammers, when some relatively simple and essentially costless Federal interventions could greatly reduce the average cost of medical insurance across the nation, and potentially increase the coverage of the populace from the already very impressive level of 85% to the area of 95% without the rather distasteful coercion and ruinous spending proposed by Madame Squeaker.

At a stroke, the FedGov could nationalize the market for medical insurance.  At the moment, all markets are limited one state.   This results in sub-optimized competition

The FedGov could and should decree a minimum level of deductibles.  First dollar coverage is insanely expensive.  The simple reform of a decree that the minimum deductible is $2000 would reduce average premiums by at least 30%.  Huge legions of insurance company and medical office paper pushers would be instantly released for productive work, and the resulting savings would be passed along throughout the system.

If Barack Hussein Obama is really the very very skillful politician he appears to be, he will find a way to back away from this debacle in a way which makes us all forget it was ever his idea in the first place.

All across the nation, Congressman are being besieged by highly pissed off voters, who have heard the insane proposals being floated by Madame Squeaker, and they are rightly saying “where’s the crisis?  what the hell do you think you’re doing by proposing to ban the medical insurance i have personally selected for myself and paid for with my own money?????”

My fellow citizens, I implore you:  85% are currently covered.  A lot of the people who aren’t covered could be but choose not to be.

What the fuck is Obama thinking?