Mario Gallegos is a race pimp scumbag

Ratsocrat scumbag state senator Mario Gallegos has filed a bill in the state Senate which would require the Houston Livestock and Rodeo to put a black person and a hispanic person on its board of directors.  Here’s a link to a story about it.

The HLSR is a private organization, a non-profit.  Even if this moronic bill were passed, it is clearly unconstitutional.  What’s next, a bill to designate Mario Gallegos’s home a halfway house for crack addicts?  Maybe it is already functioning as such, that might explain the lunacy of this bill.

This bill is nothing more than an element of the typical race pimp shakedown, a game long played by other race pimp shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Shelia Jackson Lee, the stupidist woman in Congress, is also getting on the race pimp shakedown bandwagon.

I hope the rodeo stands tough.  They should permanently cancel Tejano performances, the stupid shows don’t draw anyway, and lose money for the organization.

Our gutless new Harris County sheriff, Adrian Garcia, has withdrawn from the post of rodeo grand marshall in response to the race pimp shakedown.  Way to go, Adrian, that’s showing some courage!  He doesn’t even have the guts to opine on the dispute.

Enrico has no objection to a boycott, if the race pimps don’t like the rodeo, and he has no objection to idiotic speechifying.  But Enrico draws the line at state coercion of private organizations.

Click here to send this scumbag a message!  Or call his office at (512) 463-0106, or fax him at (512) 463-0346.

The Costanza Presidency

I can’t think off-hand of a bigger piece of economic stupidity than Obama’s proposal to RAISE taxes on venture capital.  This is exactly the opposite of what Obama should be doing–he should be proposing to cut the capital gains rate to zero.  If anything is going to accelerate the end of the recession, it will be more capital flowing to more start-ups in the hopes of making obscene profits.

Of course, Obama’s proposal to incentivize fewer charitable deductions has to rank up there as an act of unbelievable stupidity.

Every economic instinct this guy has is wrong.  He should the opposite of whatever his gut tells him to do.

What about the unbelievably regressive taxes on wages in the social security tax and the medicare tax?  Abolish this nonsense, and give every wage-earning fool a 15% raise, and then have only three income tax brackets:  zero, 15% and 40%.  We’d be way better off, and it would be way less punitive on wages.

But, frankly, the election of Obama is happy-happy for Enrico.  Either he crashes and burns, and a hopefully chastened GOP is swept into control of at least one house of Congress in 2010, or, he is a brilliant success, and economic growth is restored.

Clearly, if Obama gets his way, the former will play out.  Raising taxes, destroying what’s left of the banking system, pissing off our trading partners, abrogating our treaty obligations:  these moves are not the likely recipe for “brilliant success.”

Can you say “moral hazard”?

The GOP is California is willing to go to the brink and beyond, and why not?  They are counting on the magic negro to come to the rescue.

Enrico is reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s “40 Signs of Rain,” a novel about scientists and policy wonks dealing with global warming.  In the book, Robinson has a sequence dealing with the prisoner’s dilemma.  Robinson asserts that the best winning strategy, when playing repetitively with non-strangers, is to play generously (forgiving one betrayal, but punishing the next betrayal), but with a random element, where, one third of the time, one punishes the first betrayal.

Maybe this is what Obama needs to do.  I will tell you this: this nation is not going to survive a year without some kind of consequences for behavior such as we are witnessing in California.  And I am not so much talking about the recalcitrance of the GOP, as about the decades-long spending binge.

I double dog dare you

Here’s the real ratsocrat brain trust.

Well, I say the ratsocrats are too wimpy to go through with it.  Yes, Enrico DOUBLE DOG DARES the ratsocrats to implement Pat “I’m the biggest pussy in Congress” Leahy’s proposal.

Please write your ratsocrat congresscritter and tell him/her/it that you will urge IMPEACHMENT of Obama unless he immediately drops all other business to carry out Pat’s brilliant idea.

Not for nothing did the GOP’s leading statesman tell this mushy-brained pussy to fuck off.

Let them break their teeth

Enrico is down with Ken Starr.  Let the scumbag ratsocrats break their teeth.  Force them to go to the nuclear option.  They’ll be crushed like bugs in 2010, and then the real payback can commence.

If Osama is smart, his first appointee to the SCOTUS will be James Carville, or Blago, or William Jefferson, or the crackhead felon mayor of DC.

The GOP should insist that Osama fully demonstrate his bipartisan cred by nominating Robert Bork to the SCOTUS.  In fact, they should insist that Ruth Bader-Ginsberg resign so that Robert Bork can have her seat.

I am bipartisan, you are a strong advocate for your caucus, he is a thuggish political hack

The local ratsocrats are working overtime to put the best face on the astonishingly swift capitulation of Barack Hussein Osama to Madame Squeaker on his pledges of bipartisanship.  First, he appoints Judd Gregg, a Republican, to the post of Secretary of Commerce.  Then, he gets creamed by the Congressional Black Caucus over letting a Republican run the executive branch department that conducts the census.  Then he announces that of course he will make sure that the White House actually oversees the census.  Not that he doesn’t trust Judd Gregg or anything.

Judd Gregg did the only thing an honorable man could do:  he quit.

I don’t mind Osama and Madame Squeaker taking the attitude of “hey, we won the election, so get stuffed!”  This is at least honest, and, hey, they did win the election.  And they can take full credit for the abortion they have served up this week, borrowing long at 2-3%, lending short at 1/2%, and making it up on volume!  Osama at least admitted that in his conception, stimulus is all about spending.  So much for all his talk about investing.  This bill is just the same old warmed-over ratsocrat spending orgy from the last forty years.

The GOP put forth a plan which would create twice as many jobs at half the price.  Osama and Madame Squeaker don’t care about creating jobs, they care only about their power.  They explicitly and consciously scheme to increase the dependence of people on the state as a strategy to improve their grasp on power.

Scoreboard:  zero Republicans voted for this disaster in the House, and 7 ratsocrats voted against.  Those ratsocrats had best stay away from Ft. Marcy Park.

Bread and Circuses

The noted philosopher Robert Heinlein has it right:

‘Bread and Circuses’ is the cancer of democracy, the fatal disease for which there is no cure. Democracy often works beautifully at first. But once a state extends the franchise to every warm body, be he producer or parasite, that day marks the beginning of the end of the state. For when the plebs discover that they can vote themselves bread and circuses without limit and that the productive members of the body politic cannot stop them, they will do so, until the state bleeds to death, or in its weakened condition the state succumbs to an invader—the barbarians enter Rome.

The market’s verdict is in

…on tax cheat Timothy F. Geithner’s “bail out” plan.  The verdict is “no.”

The broad market is down 4% or so.  Bonds rallied.   Oil plummetted.  Gold rallied.

I don’t think this could possibly be what Obama was hoping for.

I think this should also be read as commentary on the “stimulus” plan, which kind of boils down to the FedGov borrowing money long at 2-3% and lending it short at 1/2%.  But they’re going to make it up on volume!