Will they say it?

I’d have a lot more respect for certain ratsocrats if they would get up on their hind legs in public and say they were wrong about Iraq. Wrong to say that the country would sink into endless civil war and chaos, wrong to say that democracy could not work there, wrong to say that the surge would not help, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Ok, I can accept the idea that maybe it is still too early to judge the final outcome. Maybe we really can’t tell what we have done until the bulk of our troops have been gone for a decade. But there was a lot of dire bullshit being slung by Madame Squeaker, the VP-elect and his French-seeming buddies about the near-term disaster we were engendering, which has already been rendered inoperative by the inexorable facts.

I can’t think of a single time when i have heard the Marxist Joe Biden Jr. say he was wrong.

We were right to overthrow and execute the murderous torturing despot Saddam Hussein. We were right to give the Iraqi people a shot at freedom and democracy. The ratsocrats were wrong in their racist nonsense that the Iraqi people were incapable of making democracy work.

I’d just like to hear them say it.

The biggest heist in history

This will never make any of the record books, but TARP must be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, heist in history.

It is just so nauseating that it is difficult to even know what to say about it.

Let’s start with this: Hank Paulson is bailing out his friends and colleagues on Wall Street. He and the fools and cretins in the Treasury Department warned of impending doom if they were not authorized to dole out $700 billion for buying bad debts to get them off the balance sheets of banks.

They haven’t bought any bad debts, and probably won’t. They have bought preferred stock in the largest banks, and they have basically given a blank check to AIG.

Where is the cretinous “Bush Lied” squad to object to this actual lie? I guess, since there is math involved, this situation is over the heads of the likes of Dennis Kucinich and Nancy Pelosi.

Did you hear that Hank the Skank has decided to hold back $350 billion to allow Obama to dole it out? How exactly does this align with the premise that there was a dire emergency which required $700 billion to be injected immediately to prevent the end of civilization?

I am just utterly disgusted. There is apparently no one in the Federal Government who has the brains and the courage to call bullshit on this blatant thievery.

I am radicalized by the stomach-turning realization that the Federal Government is a bipartisan kleptocracy.

I begin to understand the origins of anarchist movements. I guess anarchists are just people who have realized that the only way forward to a rational sane government is to start with a blank slate.

GOP in irreversible coma

Well, I didn’t get my wish that the GOP would be summarily shot in the head and buried in a mass grave, but it does appear that the party is in an irreversible coma. In Harris County, where Enrico lives, if you were a ratsocrat candidate for judge, you had to have a name like “Scumbag T. Childmolestor, Jr.” to avoid getting elected.

That reprobate John Culberson got re-elected. I have written to Culberson several times remonstrating with him over his puzzling failure to denounce the GOP over its shocking level of corruption and treasury looting. Scum of a feather flock together, John.

I will never ever vote for anyone who was in the past Congress, or a member of the Texas lege in the past session.

Year Zero

Ok, so, the United States of America has elected a guy who is arguably a black man to be president.

This is now obviously Year Zero of some new era.

Maybe it will turn out to be Year 1. For some reason, people who create calendars are biased against the concept of zero. Join me in this personal shout-out to urge use of zero! Zero is necessary to make all modern math work correctly. Avoiding year zero causes great agony for future generations of historians.

I say that Obama is arguably a black man. I am not a black man, but I observe that blackness is more to do with one’s personal point of view than with one’s skin pigment or ancestry. Didn’t Bill Clinton claim to be the first black president? Or maybe other lying scumbags in his company made this claim on his behalf, I don’t want to unncessarily impugn Fellatio Boy when there so much necessary impugning of Fellatio Boy which needs to be done.

It is my understanding that Obama’s mom was what we call a “white” woman, and that Obama’s sperm provider was what we call in this country a “black” man, a man born in Kenya of indigenous ancestry. Obama’s actual father, i.e., the male adult who actually parented Obama, was Lolo Soetero, an man born in Indonesia, of indigenous ancestry.

But, it is quite clear, Obama has made the choice to be Black. I don’t argue that he had other viable options, his skin pigmentation and facial features may well have foreclosed any other choice.

I am happy that Obama was elected. I am hopeful that the election of a man who is apparently black will prove to be a generator of major healing in race relations, and that this event will signal to all people of origin other than European that one’s genetic, national, regional origin is of no importance compared to one’s personal individual attributes of intelligence, integrity, morality, leadership, creativity, and the results one produces. Heck, I hope this signal is received by absolutely everyone. It is complete insanity that anyone’s worth could be accurately judged by his skin pigmentation, or by his ancestry, or by the predominant region from which his ancestors hark.

I know there are racists in this country, and, undoubtedly, there are racists in every country. I think it is self-evident that the election of Obama shows that racism is no longer going to be a dominant force in politics in the United States. For this, I rejoice!