We need an evolutionary approach to the health insurance problem

People like me, who like to imagine themselves communing with the rationally disembodied distilled essence of Adam Smith (would that be a madeira? a sherry?) in an anarchic market-driven utopia, have a massively negative knee-jerk reaction to the idea of government interference in the problem of medical insurance.

But, we rationalists have reckon with the fact that we start from a real place in the real world, not a fantastic place in an imaginary world. The guvmint is already involved up to its eyeballs in the medical insurance problem, and, amazingly, the guvmint has fucked it up royally.

Have you ever asked yourself, why is it that the prevailing model for the individual’s procurement of medical insurance is to participate in an employer-sponsored group health plan? Did I miss it somewhere where Charlton Heston cowered in fear whilst the moving flaming finger smote the stone tablets with the sacred text “thou shalt buy medical insurance from thine employer, and thou shalt have no deductible, and thou shalt die when thouest art no more than five and fifty years old, unless thou art some species of freak.” interrogatory.

No, this footage does not languish on some cutting room floor. You probably know this already, but the origin of the current state of affairs was wage and price controls during World War II. Employers were forbidden by law to give salary increases to their workers beyond a certain paltry sum, and surprisingly, this made employees cranky. Employers cast about desperately for some mechanism to restore a happy carefree manner to their workforces, and some bright boy, who undoubtedly later wrote treatises on the meaning of the word “is,” came up with the idea of offering “benefits,” NOT, emphatically NOT wages, and therefore not subject to the wage and price controls. It went to the Supreme Court, which ruled that essentially free medical insurance was not wages. The SCOTUS even concurred that the employer’s costs of the providing the medical insurance were a legitimate deduction from the employer’s revenues, and were thus not taxable wages to the employee, and were further even a deduction for the employer! And there was much production of Sherman Tanks and of P-41 Warhawks, and of B-29s, and It Was Good.

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Burning down the ratsocrat plantation

I continue to believe that there is no way Barack Hussein Osama is going to be elected president in 2008, although I think the election of a black would be a terrific, beautiful, highly positive symbolic event for this nation. I don’t know what kind of president he would be, but I totally sympathize with rational ratsocrats who also do not know but for whom the beautiful, tear-jerking symbolism is more than enough.

I asked a leading Houston ratsocrat support of Barack why she was supporting him for the nomination when he could not possibly win the election. She didn’t want to answer this. I could certainly have accepted the answer “because of the symbolism.” That makes sense to me. And who knows, I have been wrong before, maybe I’m wrong about this. I’d love to be wrong about this.

But even without him winning the nomination, even without him winning the election if he is nominated, I love the fact that he is discombobulating Fellatio Girl. I cannot wait CANNOT WAIT for the South Carolina primary. The evil ratsocrats (n.b. not all ratsocrats are evil per se) consciously work to keep black folks in peonage on the ratsocrat plantation. They do not want the black folks to advance and to rise–they need them to remain wards of the state, because their peonage is the source of ratsocrat political power. Why do the evil ratsocrats cling to the failing public schools like a pit bull clings to a yorkie? Because the denial of education to the black folks forces the black folks to remain wards of the state. Why did Fellatio Boy fight welfare reform in the 90s until an override of his veto was a foregone conclusion? Because paying black daddies to abandon their families (yes, that’s what the ratsocrat program did) forces the black folks to remain wards of the state.

Now, look, I accept that these horrific outcomes were not the intended results of welfare, or public education. The former was well-intentioned. The latter is studded with dedicated, selfless professionals who are doing those jobs out of love for their fellow man, but for poor blacks, the system is, on the whole, a complete disaster. Why do the ratsocrats fight giving poor parents a choice of schools for their children? There is no answer to this today which does not point to abject ratsocrat evil. In the case of welfare, even after it became completely obvious that the welfare system had become a source of profound destruction, the ratsocrats clung to it. What other word can be applied to this except evil?

In South Carolina, black ratsocrats have the opportunity to burn the plantation house to the ground. Fellatio Girl didn’t build the plantation house, but judging by Fellatio Boy’s performance, she intends to live in it, living on the backs of poor black folks whose continued slavery and misery she will exploit for political power.

So, let’s all cheer lustily as the black ratsocrats reject Fellatio Girl, and carry Osama to victory.