He puts the “goober” back in gubernatorial

The Houston Comical reports that Governor Perry has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president.  He says he’s “cogitated.”  I bet the majority of his effort was spent locking into his head the meaing of the word “cogitated.”  I guess it stands to reason that a RINO like Goobenor Perry would endorse a RINO like Giuliani.   I honestly don’t know what people are thinking who believe that Rudy can win the nomination.  Has the GOP learned nothing from the mass displays of revulsion and loathing erupting from its typical constituency over the corruption, incompetence and dishonesty displayed by the party?  Has the drought in contributions to the party taught them nothing?  Has the anger over the party’s betrayal of the values the party is supposed to champion been completely missed?  Can people really believe that a serial adulterer, an abortion enthusiast, an open-borders champion, can possible secure the nomination?  He’d be a great candidate for the ratsocrats, but it is just a total joke to think that such a scumbag could possibly secure the GOP nomination.  People who think this is a possible outcome have apparently never visited North Carolina, or Oklahoma, or Kansas, or Tennessee.

 I wish Perry would go back to this true roots and join the ratsocrat party.  I join many, many former Republicans in being totally clear that i will never support the Texas GOP as long as scumbags like Perry and Dewhurst are at the top of the party hierarchy.  I hope that every single incumbent GOP congressman is defeated in November 2008.  That’s the only way to take our party back.  Like a crack whore, like a stumbling drunk, the party has to hit bottom before it can swear off the thieves, the lying scumbags, the corrupt morons who have taken possession of the party.