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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

I made a movie with the BaconBleu brother, Frank and Jake Boudreaux. We made it on the proverbial shoe string, but I think it looks really good! I wrote the initial script, but I gotta confess, you’d never recognize my script in this movie. The story, shall we say, morphed.

Int. dingy screenwriter’s office – dusk

A ceiling fan lazily revolves, throwing intermittent shadows across the SCREENWRITER’s face, as he stares despondently at his computer monitor. The floor around him and every surface are littered with discarded drafts.



I’m still going to make that movie, even if i have to buy a

handicam and hire winos with bottles of ripple.

Have you heard the one about the <insert favorite derided university origin, ethnicity, or what have you> girl who went to Hollywood and slept with the screenwriter? Anyway, I’m proud of the little film. It’s short. Watch for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt at a multiplex near you! Not really, but we are going to enter it in some film festivals.