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Judge Arthur Schwab, my new hero

Pennsylvania Federal Judge Arthur Schwab used a deportation case to rule Barry’s recent unilateral actions suspending enforcement of immigration law to be unconstitutional.  Finally, a whiff of sanity from the federal bench!  Judge Schwab has an interesting history–he presided over the trial of the corrupt ratsocrat pathologist Cyril Wecht, in which, ironically, the ratsocrats wept bitterly about prosecutorial discretion, the well-established principle Barry is torturing till it screams to justify his illegal unilateral actions.

read about Cyril Wecht here: and about the heroic Judge Schwab here:

Same old Barry crap

Enrico watched as much of Barry’s SotU speech as he could bear, which was about 15 minutes.  I was live for the diss of the SCOTUS, but caught Justice Alito’s eye roll and head shake in slomo later on FoxSpews.

As a former professor of constitutional law, Barry is quite the guido.  He was totally incorrect, in stating that the SCOTUS ruling opens the way for foreign corporations to influence US elections.  The ruling has nothing to do with foreign corporations.

The speech was sooooo loooong and sooooo boring.  I know this because I kept flipping back to the majors, and there was Barry, droning on and on with his stultifying crap about how pure he is and how everyone else in the world doesn’t get it and has caused him so many problems.  Narcissistic much, Barry?

The over-under on how long it would take him to blame the previous administration for all of his problems was 3’20”.  The over won–he got going with the blame beat boxing going at about the 1’20” mark, but he didn’t work up enough steam to literally and actually call the previous administration out specifically until well after the 3’20” mark.  But when got rolling with it, it was a doozy.  Gee, you’d never guess that Barry’s previous gig was US Senator, wouldya?  What do you mean “they,” motherfucker?

The only way Barry could have delivered a good speech last night would have been to start off with a slew of resignations and firings.  Rahm Emanuel, Tax Cheat Tim Geithner, Helicopter Ben, Madame Squeaker, Dirty Harry, and even Barry himself.  Yeah, that’s the ticket, have everyone in the line of succession down to Fellatio Girl bow out.  O my god, what is Enrico saying??  He’d rather have Fellatio Girl??  Well, Fellatio Girl has bigger balls than Barry, so at least she’d probably be less likely to get rolled by Vlad Putin, the North Korean Troll Doll, and Ahmadi-Nejad.  Food for thought, Barry.

You may already be a winner

Sometimes an enterprising police force will conduct a round-up of parole violaters, chronic traffic ticket scofflaws, and bail jumpers with the following strategem:  they send the perps a letter telling them they have won a raffle, and that they should report to a given address at a given date and time to collect their prize!

The popo arrange for a faux local news film crew.  The perps walk in all smiles, high fiving everyone in sight, and are promptly slipped the bracelets.

Enrico recommends that we adopt this approach for the midterm election.  The unarguable premise:  everyone who wants to be in Congress is inherently unsuitable for the job, simply by virtue of the fact that they want the job.

So, hold the election, and at the first session of the new Congress, send in the FBI to cart everyone off to the pokey.  They have these zip tie thingies you can use instead of real handcuffs that will allow all 535 members of Congress to be manacled and frog-marched off in an hour or so.

Maybe we can contact the nations who offered to take the Gitmo detainees and see if they would accept delivery of THIS motley crew.  Yeah, you got it:  exile their sorry corrupt butts for life!

Then, I think the thing to do is to assemble a kind of a gigantic jury.  Give 535 randomly selected citizens Congress jury duty for two years.  Pay each one $500k per year, so that they (maybe) will be relatively temptation free.

Enrico guarantees a better outcome than the bullshit we’re doing now.

Kill the RINOs

Enrico is in a foul mood, as he contemplates the 2010 elections.  Yes, yes, it is wonderful, terrific, hilarious, etc., that Scott Brown wiped out Enrico’s fellow Eph Martha Coakley, and threw Barry’s attempted fascist unconstitutional power grab and massive handout under the bus.  Enrico had a good week, last week.

But, increasingly, it is obvious that both parties are just wings (perhaps “tools” is the better term) of the same firm.  There is really no debate about whether an uber powerful FedGov is appropriate.  Dubya proposed a massive federal bailout of financial firms which had stepped in the poo of their own volition, and Barry continued exactly, precisely, the same policies as Dubya.  Overwhelming majorities of both party’s congressmen voted for both disastrous schemes.

The difference between the parties is negligible.  The competition between them is simply, who can steal the most for their specific band of supporters?

So, what to do?

Well, while waiting for some kind of destabilizing insurrection, Enrico reckons the best thing to do is work his butt off for mischief.  Enrico wants as many bombthrowers as possible in the FedGov, as many people as possible who see that the entire enterprise of the FedGov lacks legitimacy, that it needs to be melted down, and that we need to start over.

Dennis Kucinich for chair of the Fed!  Peter Schiff for Senate!  Former Governor Moonbeam for whatever post he wants!  Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury!  Seewhaddamean?

Another key project:  defeat every single incumbent who voted for Dubya’s and Barry’s “Goldman Sachs Charitable Relief Acts of 2009.”

Enrico really doesn’t know (or care) whether the dudes who replace the incumbents are any good.  The key thing is, that the incumbents get fired, and that they know that they got fired for being totally immoral corrupt scumbags, and that everyone sees that we’re not going to stand for it any more.  If only we could erect a few dozen guillotines on the mall…

This week, Enrico highlights the Arizona primary for the GOP nomination for US Senate.  John McCain is the biggest, ugliest, stinkiest RINO in the herd.  He must go.  JD Hayworth is a very entertaining guy.  We need his mad skillz in Congress.  JD Hayworth is one of the few people on the planet who has ever rendered Chris Matthews speechless.  That’s surely qualification enough to be  a Senator.

Please do not talk to me about Sarah Palin.  She is an idiot.

Magic Negro’s brazen theft of GM apparently averted

It appears that the Magic Negro’s attempt to steal General Motors and give it to his UAW friends has been averted.  Don’t exhale just yet, however, the Magic Negro still has the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, the Coast Guard, the FBI, the SEC, and the “Justice” Department, and he will have to resist the inevitable entreaties from the ratsocrat mob to just simply take it by force.

The Magic Negro has put awesome pressure on the holders of the senior debt, totalling about $27bn, to accept a LOWER equity stake in the post BK GM than the UAW, despite the fact that the UAW’s claims on the company are smaller than the senior debt, and despite the fact that the claims have the same priority under US Bankruptcy law.  The Magic Negro wanted to give the senior debt holders 10% and the UAW what eventually amounts to 20%.

That’s just theft, plain and simple, backed up by the implicit threat to deprive the senior debt holders of their rights by some kind of illegal presidential action.

The Magic Negro has NO LEGITIMATE ROLE in the bankruptcy proceedings of General Motors, unless he wants the FedGov to write a damn big check to give to the senior debt holders.

Stay tuned, though, sportsfans, because the Magic Negro still has until June 1 to deploy the jackbooted thugs to steal about $13bn from the senior debt holders.

Filibuster Jennifer Granholm, she’s less qualified than Robert Bork

Enrico defies anyone in the universe to advance a rational argument that Jennifer Granholm is more qualified for the SCOTUS than Robert Bork.  Since Robert Bork was rejected by the ratsocrats, and since Robert Bork is more qualified for the court than Jennifer Granholm, simple logic and fairness dictates that Jennifer Granholm must be rejected.  The ratsocrats must produce a candidate who is at least equally qualified for the court as Robert Bork was.

I suggest that Obama should withdraw Jennifer Granholm, and instead, nominate Robert Bork.  That would be just plain, simple fairness.

Obama looks good in flip-flops

The list of Obama’s reversals from postures he struck during the campaign is already long, and is growing daily.  Gitmo, military tribunals, rendition, wiretapping:  this is just a partial list of the residue of Obama’s sojourn in an unfamiliar land, the land of reality.

Enrico applauds Obama for changing his mind when confronted with the facts, but he thinks, in fairness, there ought to be a general recognition that he apparently had a lot of misconceptions about the nature of the world prior to his election.  It stands to reason that we are yet to discover the full scope of his misconceptions.

The co-Prince of Darkness writes a pretty accurate piece today in the WSJ.  He too applauds Obama for recognizing that he got it wrong during the campaign.  Surprising!

Stupid religious right

This morning, on the radio station Enrico characterizes as the home of the right-wing wackos (As in “Bert, what d’ya fancy, the right wing wackos, or the left wing wackos?), the hosts, Pat Gray and Edd Hendee (what is UPP with the two “d”s in “Edd”??) on KSEV had a fine old time with a prolonged rant to the effect that Johnny Sutton, the US attorney for the Western District of Texas, the nemesis of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, the Federal Border Agents who have been imprisoned for various alleged offenses in connection with the shooting of a drug smuggling suspect, is GAY.

That’s a long, confusing sentence.  Please allow Enrico to get right to the point:  Edd Hendee and Pat Gray were mocking Johnny Sutton with the allegation that he is a fudge packer.

Enrico is in a morally dubious position with regard to his disdain for Edd  “Double D” Hendee and Pat Gray, because Enrico, too, has mocked people with whom he disagrees for their choice of combinations of orifices and genders and genitalia, notably the fudge packer Barney Fag.

But Enrico devoutly hopes that he has been quite clear that his disdain for Barney Fag has nothing to do with his genital-orifice-gender choices, but rather has everything to do with the fact that Barney Fag is a lying corrupt sack of shit, a set of characteristics which is not, as far as Enrico knows, correlated with genital-orifice-gender selection.

Enrico doesn’t know whether Johnny Sutton is a fudge packer.  Edd “Double D” Hendee and Pat Gray seem to be pretty confident that they know that he is.  Enrico wonders how they can be so certain, unless they have witnessed fudge packing, or participated in fudge packing with Johnny Sutton.  Barney Fag has stated he that he is a fudge packer, and Enrico thinks that Johnny Sutton has not so stated.

Enrico was revulsed by Edd “Double D” Hendee and Pat Gray.  They lacked skillz in their mockery, and Enrico detects the whiff of right wing religious bigotry in their mockery of Johnny Sutton.  Right wing religious bigots are stupid, and Enrico wants these idiots to join the idiot ratsocrats, so they can all be idiots together.

For what it’s worth, Enrico thinks that Ramos and Compean seriously misbehaved.  They lied about their actions, they shot a man in the back, and even such a biased, stupid, emotional wreck as George Bush ’43 declined to pardon them.  They are a poor choice for a poster child for whatever cause Edd “Double D” Hendee and Pat Gray imagine they are advancing.

Torture Debate: The Vacuum Imploder

Enrico has been playing Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 quite a bit lately.  He finds the game’s cold war era inspired Soviet army somehow reassuring.  Things were so much simpler when the US had a foe with a visible standing army and a somewhat visible economy.

The Soviets in the game have a superweapon, the Vacuum Imploder.  When it is fired at a set of enemy structures, they collapse on themselves and explode gloriously.

The debate over torture and the potential criminal prosecution of former government officials over torture could be the Vacuum Imploder of the Obama administration.

Enrico thinks the ratsocrats have already lost the debate, by framing it thusly:  torture is immoral and illegal, and anyway, it doesn’t work.

Who cares whether it works or not, if it is immoral and illegal??

There seems to be pretty convincing evidence that a succession of directors of the CIA believed strongly that waterboarding the muslim extremists has in fact worked, producing intelligence which has helped the US to thwart planned terror attacks.

It has been conventional wisdom throughout the 20th century that torture works.  Intelligence services have routinely equipped clandestine agents with means to kill themselves if captured, recognizing that no one can be expected to withstand torture without giving up everyone  and everything he knows.

During the Korean War and the Vietnam War, American military personnel routinely caved in to torture.  During World War II, all sides used varying degrees of “coercive” techniques, and it certainly did work, if the term is defined to mean the techniques compelled the disclosure of information that otherwise would not have been disclosed.

What is the basis for arguing that it doesn’t work?  This argument is absurd on its face.

The argument about morality and legality is a proper argument.  Obviously, facts do not obtain in the argument over morality.  And, it seems pretty clear that the entirety of the Federal Government apparatus was properly deployed to declare the techniques legal.  So, only by retroactively changing the rules, or by appealing to foreign law, can the actions of the previous Administration be declared illegal.  The former is what banana republics do, and the latter is not what Americans should do.

But there is a third leg to this debate.  If the Obama administration goes down the road of prosecuting the former administration over torture, ALL of its other legislative agenda is permanently dead.  The Vacuum Imploder!