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Man, the Astros suck!

They are on the way to setting a record for the worst performance ever in Spring Training.  They are 1-16-3.

Enrico bought season tickets for the first time ever in 2005.  I will always remember hearing on TV in January 2005 that the Astros had signed Roger Clemens.  I immediately picked up the phone, and bought the season tickets.  That was one of the best sports purchases Enrico has ever made.  The 18 inning game against the Braves was the game of a lifetime, and I didn’t even care that the Astros got blown out by the White Sox in the series.

But the Astros have been on a multi year program of neglecting the farm system.  There is nothing, zilch, nada, zip, in the cupboard.  Sure, they’ve gotten rid of some of the dead bats they had in the line-up, but I see today that they’ve signed Pudge Rodriguez.  What is he, 97 years old?  Sure, he’s a 14 time All Star.  Yes, he’s had a great career.  HAD a great career.

Enrico will not be attending any Astros games until he sees some evidence that the team is rebuilding the farm system and is playing young players.  I don’t think there should be more than one starter older than 30 years old.