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Hurricane Ike recovery complete

Enrico is pleased to announce that AT&T and Comcast both pulled their thumbs out of their butts and restored services today to Enrico’s humble abode.

Enrico has had a number of comical conversations with Comcast in which so-called customer service representatives have solemnly informed him that there is an outage in his area. Why is it that Comcast hires people who barely speak English to perform customer service functions? This is not a good idea. Enrico has little tolerance for people in this kind of role who have less command of English than the average toddler. Enrico encourages all his readers to tell this kind of ineptly placed individual that they insist on speaking to a person who actually speaks English.

Note, Enrico believes that immigration is the irreplaceable lifeblood of the United States. Enrico does not fault any individual for having a poor command of English, but he massively faults a corporation which fails to understand that its employees who do not speak English are poorly suited to customer service functions.

Don’t even get me started on the poor filipinas and baboos.

There is hope in the air!

Centerpoint’s restoration schedule

I am so distracted by the lack of electrical power that I cannot even comment on the accelerating financial meltdown. I will limit myself to admonishing my readers to watch the Libor. 30 day Libor is at 3 something, the fed funds rate is at 2. This cannot be. One of them is lying, and one of them will have to grovelingly confess it pretty damn soon.

But I digress. I am writing this on my sleek little stripped down travel lappie, in my backyard, connected with my Sprint broadband card, and the cell reception on the Sprint network is LIGHTYEARS improved even from this morning. The electricity elves have evidently been busting their humps today within line of sight from Enrico’s abode.

Even Enrico’s treo is doing better. Enrico requisitioned the prepaid AT&T cellphones from Sam and Bert today and they actually show umpteen bars, way better than Enrico’s Treo.

I saw quite the squad of centerpoint workers today on Piney Point Road.

Centerpoint’s website has a map showing their planned schedule of restoration, and Enrico had to break out the ruler and micrometer to try to determine whether his humble abode lay within the light blue zone (o happy day!) signifying restoration by Monday the 22nd, or the dark blue zone (curses! foiled again!) signifying the troubling euphemism of “after Monday.”

The verdict is somewhat unclear, but he feels on the whole that his neighborhood is light blue.

If you know or conclude otherwise, please keep it to yourself–Enrico needs the balm of optimistic expectations just now.

A fond farewell to Brother Ike

Enrico and his clan have been visited by Brother Ike, who was not a pleasant guest. He is gone now, thank god, and will not return.

Everyone is okay. Enrico’s abode suffered minor roof damage due to the destruction of nearby trees.

Enrico’s favorite private school has massive tree destruction, but, miraculously, there was no structural damage, and even more miraculously, the power is back on, unlike the situation at Enrico’s abode.

Enrico is writing this post from the parking lot of the Kroger on Echo Lane which appears to be open.

Enrico’s cell phone and broadband laptop cell card are not too happy at his residence. Of course, there is no POTS at all, let alone cable internet, as the power is disrupted.

I wager that we will be relatively late to have power restored. Our neighborhood is heavily wooded, the power lines are strung precariously through the tangle of trees, and the trees have been blown down. If I were running Centerpoint, I would put the priority on my neighborhood low, as the residents are far less vulnerable to these kinds of disruptions than the average bear. My neighbors and I have resources for coping which the average citizen probably lacks.

That said, if the guy who is who is actually running Centerpoint happens to read this blog, I beseech you to dispatch a crew post haste to restore my power.

No harm in asking!

I really feel it in my heart for the residents of Galveston and especially Bolivar. That is a serious tragedy.

Enrico has a place on the island, but he hears that it survived with no damage, due to its recent construction and to its location on the tenth floor of a highrise condo building.

I’m kind of glad the kids have had the opportunity to experience a hurricane. Humility is a good trait in a human being, and despite mankind’s apparent mastery of nature, this is mostly an illusion.