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Will they say it?

I’d have a lot more respect for certain ratsocrats if they would get up on their hind legs in public and say they were wrong about Iraq. Wrong to say that the country would sink into endless civil war and chaos, wrong to say that democracy could not work there, wrong to say that the surge would not help, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Ok, I can accept the idea that maybe it is still too early to judge the final outcome. Maybe we really can’t tell what we have done until the bulk of our troops have been gone for a decade. But there was a lot of dire bullshit being slung by Madame Squeaker, the VP-elect and his French-seeming buddies about the near-term disaster we were engendering, which has already been rendered inoperative by the inexorable facts.

I can’t think of a single time when i have heard the Marxist Joe Biden Jr. say he was wrong.

We were right to overthrow and execute the murderous torturing despot Saddam Hussein. We were right to give the Iraqi people a shot at freedom and democracy. The ratsocrats were wrong in their racist nonsense that the Iraqi people were incapable of making democracy work.

I’d just like to hear them say it.

Putin needs a timeout

The Rooskis have invaded Georgia (not, as Google News would have it, the one in the western hemisphere). NATO and the EU have to decide whether they are going to cowboy up, or whether they are going to take a flexible stance on which nations are part of Europe.

Putin needs to be chased back across the Caucasus Mountains. If he is allowed to get away with this, none of the “near abroad” states will be safe. Quite soon Putin will be menacing Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, and all the stans.

He needs to be humiliated and discredited. This is the ONLY WAY.