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Comicle Djuhrnalists strike again

Enrico has been forced to invent a new term for the in-duh-viduals who write for the Houston Comicle:  djuhrnalists.

Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, work for the FedGov.   Those who can’t and can’t even work for the FedGov become Djuhrnalists.

Here’s an article about the senseless killing of a manager of a fast food establishment.  The racial identify of the perp is not a mystery to the authorities, but, somehow, this factoid is missing from the djuhrnalist’s account of the crime.

Stupidity?  Some particularly toxic variety of political correctness?  A random malfunction of the cerebral cortex?

Please stay out of Mexico

Enrico urges anyone who cares for his safety to stay out of Mexico.  As this article makes clear, Mexico is fighting what amounts to an insurrection, and right now, the bad guys are winning.

The federal govenment of Mexico needs to deploy the army BIG TIME, and shoot first, ask questions later.  Normal law enforcement measures are not going to feed the bulldog.

Please, please, please:  do not visit Mexico.

Of course, Mexico is not alone in its burgeoning civil unrest.  Prepare yourselves for the worst, and pray that it comes not.

Mario Gallegos is a race pimp scumbag

Ratsocrat scumbag state senator Mario Gallegos has filed a bill in the state Senate which would require the Houston Livestock and Rodeo to put a black person and a hispanic person on its board of directors.  Here’s a link to a story about it.

The HLSR is a private organization, a non-profit.  Even if this moronic bill were passed, it is clearly unconstitutional.  What’s next, a bill to designate Mario Gallegos’s home a halfway house for crack addicts?  Maybe it is already functioning as such, that might explain the lunacy of this bill.

This bill is nothing more than an element of the typical race pimp shakedown, a game long played by other race pimp shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Shelia Jackson Lee, the stupidist woman in Congress, is also getting on the race pimp shakedown bandwagon.

I hope the rodeo stands tough.  They should permanently cancel Tejano performances, the stupid shows don’t draw anyway, and lose money for the organization.

Our gutless new Harris County sheriff, Adrian Garcia, has withdrawn from the post of rodeo grand marshall in response to the race pimp shakedown.  Way to go, Adrian, that’s showing some courage!  He doesn’t even have the guts to opine on the dispute.

Enrico has no objection to a boycott, if the race pimps don’t like the rodeo, and he has no objection to idiotic speechifying.  But Enrico draws the line at state coercion of private organizations.

Click here to send this scumbag a message!  Or call his office at (512) 463-0106, or fax him at (512) 463-0346.

Bread and Circuses

The noted philosopher Robert Heinlein has it right:

‘Bread and Circuses’ is the cancer of democracy, the fatal disease for which there is no cure. Democracy often works beautifully at first. But once a state extends the franchise to every warm body, be he producer or parasite, that day marks the beginning of the end of the state. For when the plebs discover that they can vote themselves bread and circuses without limit and that the productive members of the body politic cannot stop them, they will do so, until the state bleeds to death, or in its weakened condition the state succumbs to an invader—the barbarians enter Rome.

The Poisonous Dwarf gets steamrolled

Larry Kudlow has the Poisonous Dwarf on TV right now talking about the Treasury Secretary tax cheat Geithner and about the brain-deadness of the ratsocrat “stimulus” package.  The Congressional Budget Office has just released its scoring of the ratsocrat package and says that, in its estimation, the stimulus package will result in zero incremental employment in 2009.  The Poisonous Dwarf concedes the point, but says we will still be in recession or even depression in 2010.  Wait a minute, didn’t we just hire a magic negro?

The PD also says that even though Geithner is a tax cheat and really ought not be considered for any responsible position, he is so brilliant and indispensable that we best all overlook his larcenous heart and confirm him anyway.  I think this is the most evil and most pervasive ratsocrat posture, freely applied to Fellatio Boy, that the brilliant and sensitive psychopathic criminals in the ratsocrat party need to get a pass for all their atrocities because they are so brilliant and we need them so much.

I don’t normally care for these programs which mainly feature people shouting at each other, but i can make an exception for shouting at the Poisonous Dwarf.  That would make a great “reality” show.

I don’t understand why the Poisonous Dwarf agreed to go on Larry Kudlow’s show in the first place, unless he really enjoys being yelled at.

Thain was a dead man walking from the get go

John Thain is out at the Skank of America.  As anyone who has followed large scale North Carolina oriented bank “mergers” knows, John Thain was a dead man walking the minute the papers were signed.  The classic was David Coulter, who apparently sincerely believed Hugh McColl was going to allow him to run the company, and who looked like a cattle-prodded steer when it finally dawned on him that he was marked for deletion.

Now, CNBC is running footage of Thain’s $87,000 area rug, and his George IV toilet, reminiscent of the footage of Saddam Hussein’s opulent palace, mixed in with scenes of the former dictator cowering in his Y fronts.

Average age of Enrico’s auto fleet drops to 4 years

Enrico today may be bidding farewell to the 1998 Suburban.  It has done well, transporting Enrico’s brood to many places, covering 160,000 miles.  Many times it has been festooned with six bikes, as Enrico’s favorite cycling team does its part to raise money for the fight against multiple sclerosis.

As the 98 ‘burban has aged, it has, with increasing frequency, required relatively expensive repairs.  For the last two years, hilariously, the 98 ‘burban has broken down shortly after arrival at El Rancho Cima, forcing Enrico to have it repaired in San Marcos.  Fuel pump in 2007, new tranny in 2008.

Each time, Enrico has tried to make the following determination:  will this repair buy me trouble-free miles at a rate of 10 cents per mile or less?  In other words, if I spend $1,000, will I get 10,000 miles without a repair?  In my opinion, that’s a no brainer.

The current woes of the ‘burban pass this test, but the magnitude of the expense of the indicated repair staggers me.  Its pace of oil consumption has increased precipitously.  It is burning probably two quarts per 3,000 miles.  Obviously, the tolerances on the cylinder and piston are greatly deformed, obviously the rings are ineffective.  The correct solutions range from a ring job (which would do nothing to address the deformation of the combustion chambers) to overhaul, boring, and lining of the existing engine (a good but expensive solution) or a brand new engine (really the most cost-effective answer).

A new engine would put the ‘burban on a path to run for another 150,000 miles.  I haven’t taken bids on the repair, but I don’t think I would get away for much less than $8,000.  Delores’s husband suggested that I buy an engine and install it myself.  This could probably be done for about $3,000 or so.  But, by the time I bought or rented the ancillary gear needed, and considered the time it would require, and the state in which this activity would leave my knuckles, I just can’t envision undertaking it.

I am not sentimental about cars.  If I were, I guess I would do it.  But a ’98 ‘burban with a new engine is still a ’98 ‘burban.  It would really benefit from a little body work, and the rear hatch leaks  a little when it rain.  That’s just new gaskets, but that kind of thing is rampant on the vehicle.

So, Enrico has settled on a GMC Yukon XL, which is a suburban in drag.  For some reason, the GMC version goes cheaper than the Chevy version.  Enrico doesn’t understand this, but whatever.   He’s taking the ‘burban over there today to see what they’ll give him on it as a trade-in, but Gladys has set a minimum price of $3k, which Enrico thinks is double what they’ll offer.

So, if anyone out there wants to buy an elderly but well-loved ’98 ‘burban with 166,000 miles and a slight oil drinking problem, please speak up!

The last time Enrico bought a new GM product, the salessluts were wetting themselves to get Enrico to take out a loan.  Enrico didn’t want or need a loan, but they bribed him to do it, even though Enrico stated loudly that he would retire the debt within 15 days of taking it out.

This time, the sales staff appears to be totally indifferent to the source of the funds.  That’s a good sign for the possible eventual recovery of General Motors.  What insanity they have been victims of!