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No job for an EJIT

It takes a paranoid personality to scrutinize applications for vanity plates for forbidden topics and themes, as outlined in this WSJ article. ¬† There’s a similar vetting process for beer labels, but, there’s just one guy who does that job for the whole country.

I’d have thought, in most states, applications for a liquor license would also trigger a vetting process, but apparently the family of failed Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lumberman Grimes got this name through, stealing it from the Simpsons. ¬†Lawsuit, Matt Groening?

HardBlah Host Assaults Ellen DeGeneres

I guess it is no surprise that an Irish yob like Chris Matthews would be harboring a secret animosity towards the flamboyantly gay Ellen DeGeneres, but I am surprised that he would take the risk of trying to kill her on national TV! Well, perhaps there’s another interpretation. I was dancing with Gladys several years ago, and got a little over extended whilst dipping her, and unfortunately fell on her. In my defense, she bruises easily. It was a shame, too, because up to that moment, we were really cutting the rug. It somewhat spoiled the effect.